March - April 2010: Vol. 19, No. 6

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4 Spraying young flaxleaf fleabane the key for best control
8 Should you be concerned about compaction by grazing livestock?
10 Integrating sheep and wheat to boost profits
11 Peak producer group needed to lobby for agricultural research
12 Niches and glitches in ethanol production
14 Boosting barley for bioenergy
22 Improved black spot resistance is a bright spot for field peas
23 Legumes key to carbon store
23 Caution with inoculants and liquid fertiliser
24 Accuracy of soil testing laboratories
Marketing and Finance
25 World grain outlook
27 Domestic grain outlook
28 Choosing a marketing advisor
30 Price premiums for non-GM crops
34 International partnership to advance wheat research
35 Asian wheat tapped for promising antifungal genes
36 No-till cropping revolution drives widespread change
37 Irrigated corn roots can contribute to soil carbon
39 A sunburned grain - the resilience of rice
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
15 Classic Tractor Tales: The Glasgow
20 International research review:
  Grain gains with less water
  Diversify rotations for better yields
32 Modern Machinery Matters
42 News & New Products
44 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner: The importance of variety selection
IV Preparing for rust in 2010
VI Don't skimp on sowing rate for canola hybrids
VII Combating powdery mildew
VIII Crop Doctor - 'Islands of green' highlight soil variation within paddocks
Northern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner: Preparing for rust in 2010
IV Glyphosate resistance
V GRDC firm on strategic sorghum funding
V Dose of castor oil loopers
VI Centre pivots get results at North Star
VII Seed of Light goes to Richard Daniel
VIII Big area tipped for CQ chickpeas

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