January - February 2010: Vol. 19, No. 5

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7 Sub-lethal rates can 'kill' herbicides
8 Current and future aphid management in grain crops and pastures
13 Keeping the grain storage lid on phosphine resistance
15 Grain pest's own genes turned against it
16 Soybean and wheat response to climate change
18 Soil carbon 101
21 Let the sunshine in - and get paid for it
Planting & Tillage Feature
22 Sowing decisions and soil water
Marketing and Finance
25 East coast feed grains - north to south
27 Domestic grain outlook
28 Farms & Financial Planning: Passing over the farm without passing over family interests
29 Carbon trading - a threat to the rural sector?
31 Scholar finds hype outweighs ETS benefits for agriculture
34 Climate change no laughing matter
40 Rabbits doing what comes naturally - again
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
32 International Research Review: 2010 GRDC Nuffield Scholars about to take on the world
35 Classic Tractor Tales: The Chamberlain Super 90
38 Modern Machinery Matters: Global experts, local service
42 News & New Products
44 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner: How did wheat and triticale varieties handle stripe rust last season?
VI Roundup Ready canola and glyphosate resistance
VII RR canola delivers higher yields - again
VII Managing resistance
VIII Computer a mess?
VIII Windmill grass trials for the central west
Northern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner:
RLN - another good reason to rotate
The impact of the timing of sorghum spray-out
VI Crop Doctor - Black layer best sorghum indicator
VII Better Oilseeds: Better varieties to lift sunflower as an attractive summer crop

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