November - December 2009: Vol. 19, No. 4

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4 Drought tolerance gene discovered
5 Wheat industry organisations support biotech wheat
7 Bridge the gap to feed the world
10 Helping wheat beat fusarium
12 Blackleg, variety and home region
13 Squeezing more crop from every drop
Quality Sowing Seed Feature
16 New RR canola lines in the pipeline
18 Who profits most from royalties?
19 RLEM status and control
Marketing and Finance
25 Global grain market
27 Background to the chickpea market
29 Domestic grain outlook
32 Simplifying precision agriculture
34 PA adoption - small steps are simple enough
38 Juncea canola expands oilseeds into the low rainfall zone
40 Hybrid canola hits new heights
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
22 Classic Tractor Tales: The Italian Affair - Part 2
30 Modern Machinery Matters: Using preservatives for the storage of safer, higher quality hay
36 International research review: Averting a long-term disaster
41 News & New Products
43 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner: Better management of variable soils
V Better Oilseeds: Optimal canola establishment to maximise yields
VII Rice research gets an insight into lant reactions to the environment
VIII Students support earthquake affected farmers in China
Northern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner:
Sorghum spray-out timing
II The impact of the timing of sorghum spray-out
V Lodging resistance in sorghum
VI Sunflower sowing time dilemma - Is November better than December?
VII Try 'money' beans this summer
VIII Soybeans for a soil boost this summer

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