September - October 2009: Vol. 19, No. 3

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4 Microbes tell an early soil health story
6 Better Oilseeds: Safflower – a strategic ingredient in the grain mix
11 New plant tills soil and saves moisture
12 Consultants' Corner: Aphids in winter cereals – just a nuisance or an economic pest?
19 Getting a better picture of Australia’s water resources
21 High court questions water entitlements
22 Just an Ord-inary Bloecker making an impact
23 On the brink of high resistance to phosphine
Marketing and Finance
25 World grain market
26 Domestic grain outlook
27 ‘Wash out’ court challenged but denied
29 Grain testing on-farm for profit
Precision Farming Feature
32 CORS network on the move
34 Selective spraying equals bigger savings
42 New cereals R&D pact formalised
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
35 Classic tractor tales: The Italian Affair – Part 1
38 Modern machinery matters: Following the precision ag path
40 International research review: Dr Norman Borlaug – An inspiration in the world of agriculture
43 District reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Consultants’ Corner: Keeping the marketing wheels on when storing grain
IV Break crops in medium rainfall locations: Case study 3
V WA grain freight review
VI Long term approach gets green light
VII Consultants get canopy management message
VII Crop Doctor – South
VIII Aiming to lead the world in agricultural modelling 
Northern Australia Focus
I Dryland cotton makes a comeback for summer cropping rotations
VII Does canopy management pay in the north?
VIII Aiming to lead the world in agricultural modelling

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