July - August 2009: Vol. 19, No. 2

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4 Protecting germinating grain crops
10 Eyes down for ascochyta
11 Green myths about Australian farming
16 Revamped NVT features extensive disease screening
17 An enzyme to protect waterways from atrazine
19 Better Oilseeds: Sunflower tolerance to soil-applied and foliar-applied herbicides
23 Mycorrhizae and their influence on P nutrition
Marketing and Finance
25 World grain market
27 Domestic grain outlook
30 Edible fungus could help address vitamin A deficiency
Harvesting and Marketing Feature
31 Award winning harvesting breakthrough
34 On-farm bunkers
35 Cashflow is the main challenge
36 Flexibility of on-farm grain storage
38 Advanced storage and handling
39 Where to for sorghum?
39 Bagging grain without tractor power
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
28 Modern Machinery Matters: Nebraska tractor tests are colour blind but show buyers the way
40 International Research Review: Environmental stock exchange proposed to protect ecosystems

Classic Tractor Tales: Flogging an old horse!

44 News and new products
45 District reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Strategic control of insect pests
VI What farmers think of break crops?
VII Time of change on the farm
VIII Keeping glyphosate resistance at bay
VIII Crop doctor – south
Northern Australia Focus
I Canopy management in the northern grains region
VII IPM in the northern region

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