March - April 2009: Vol. 18, No. 6

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4 Collectively facing an ugly rust
8 Host plant resistance and IPM in Australian grain crops
12 IPM in grain sorghum – an Australian success story
16 An adviser’s view on GM canola
18 GM canola case studies
21 Filling up on ethanol byproducts
23 In-crop applications of nitrogen
25 Grain market overview
26 Domestic grain outlook
27 Plotting particles blowing in the wind
28 New generation selective spraying promises savings
30 Vital clues to weed control
31 When is a weed resistant?
34 Remote sensing – adapting to change
38 Variable rate spray application without a change in droplet size
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
3 Modern machinery matters
42 International research review
44 Classic tractor tales
46 District reports
48 News and new products
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Crop sequence in medium rainfall farming systems: Case study 1
IV Crop doctor – south
VI GPS journey leads to big grains
VIII Granular inoculant mixes well
Northern Focus
I Avoiding ascochyta blowouts in ‘09
V Economics of phosphorus and zinc
VI Rice trials in the north
VII Identifying TSV tolerance
VII GRDC honours cereal pathologist
VIII Gross margin comparisons for dryland crops in 2009


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