January - February 2009: Vol. 18, No. 5

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3 Nutrient waves dump yields
5 Implications of low input cropping regimes
6 Soil health in organic farming systems
8 Roadside canola won’t go wild
9 Multiplying metarhizium for better biopesticides
11 Movement on the resistance front exposes wheat killers
12 Inter row sowing and no-till – a good marriage
16 Moving to discs
18 Launch of the iNEX
20 New monitoring system
21 ‘Hick’ farmers to save the world
24 On the brink of a new agricultural ‘revolution’
25 Crystal-balling oilseeds
26 Domestic grain outlook
27 Pest thresholds and the economics of crop sprays
30 Sunflowers – integral part of the tool kit for dryland farming
32 Safflower breeding and future challenges
38 Crystal mungbeans sparkle as an opportunity crop
42 SEAg 2009 – Agricultural technology in a changing climate
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
28 International research review
34 Modern machinery matters
39 Classic tractor tales
44 News and new products
45 District reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Business planning for 2009
V Potential to reduce nitrogen costs
V Crop doctor – south
VI Pearl lupin shines
VII Scholarships help refine novel weed management
VIII A ‘C-Change’ for Australian farming
Northern Focus
I Wild oat herbicide resistance patterns
VII New feed legume perform at Roma
VII Crop doctor – north
VIII Soil trials target biological input response


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