September - October 2008: Vol. 18, No. 3

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7 Plantstone carbon opportunities for grain growers
12 Glomalin: What is it... and what does it do?
14 The good oil on safflower in Australia
17 Middle East meets western wheatbelt
18 New technology helps to harvest the bottom line
19 The way to smarter farming
22 Dual usage makes sense
24 Unlock your harvest potential
29 World grain report
31 Domestic grain outlook
33 AWB shareholders approve change
34 Bulk wheat exporters accredited
35 Better Oilseeds: Opportinit cropping of sunflowers
39 Study Tour Report: Verdammt - only eight tonnes per hectare!
44 Helicoverpa insecticide resistance - frequencies and management tactics
46 Mining bites into productive farmland
50 Will CTF earn growers carbon credits?
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
26 International Research Review: Site Specific Weed Management
42 Modern Machinery Matters: More than a skin deep makeover for these top models
47 Classic Tractor Tales: La Taillanderie
52 News & New Products
53 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner: Cereal grains and weight management
III Crop Doctor - South
IV GM canola to secure canola's place in growers' rotations
V Stemming spread of rust
V WA wheat variety upgrade
VI Fish grains and game on UWA open day menu
VII Irrigation scheduling of wheat under centre pivots
VIII Old but precise
Northern Focus
I Consultants' Corner:
Stripe rust management - prevention is better than cure
Stripe rust management in the north
Wheat foliar disease results 2007 and looking forward
V Key GRDC decision-makers tour southern Qld
VI Reducing glyphosate resistance risk

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