July - August 2008: Vol. 18, No. 2

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3 Getting the most out of disc openers
7 Disc seeders under the microscope
10 High fibre barley has healthy future
11 Malt barley and nitrogen tactics
12 Waxing ways of wheat
13 Wild Aussie genes to battle sunflower diseases
15 New challenges in harvesting more hectares
18 Wheat exporter puts their hand up for accreditation
19 Harvest early to reap rewards
20 Harvesting contractors - communication increases returns
21 Investment in grain testing technology pays dividends
22 Check your pulse
23 Bagging machines fill the bill
24 Fertiliser savings: Do cows have it down pat?
25 Outlook for the '08 winter crop
26 Domestic grain outlook
27 Layman's guide to grain marketing options
28 Is it time to bring in plan B for biofuel?
30 Nitrogen fertiliser for wheat - assessing the price and weather risks
32 Are you throwing money down the drain with poorly applied nutrients?
36 Serendipity serves up soil science honour
37 Unlocking the genome of the world's worst insect pest
43 EvapCalc3 detects sneaky seepages
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
34 Modern Machinery Matters: Windrowing crops
38 International Research Review: Ug99
40 Classic Tractor Tales: The years of change
44 News & New Products
45 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I Consultants' Corner: Cross resistance within Group A herbicides
III Better Oilseeds: Canola in the rotation broadens herbicide options
V Late breaking news on canola
VI Time to consider nitrogen top up for canola
VII Resistance 'mite' be a problem
VII One soil may benefit another
VIII Check for Cape Tulip control
Northern Focus
I Consultants' Corner: Do earlier fungicide sprays have later dividends?
SFNB concern prompts barley re-think
VI The role of landscape in AWM of silverleave whitefly
VIII New use for soy-based product
VIII Early rust spark fears of epidemic

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