May - June 2008: Vol. 18, No. 1

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4 Consultants' Corner: Can we build up carbon and can we sell it?
10 Keep your carbon footprints on the ground when it comes to trading credits
12 The northern region carbon story
14 Storing carbon dioxide underground
16 New technologies for faster, cheaper ethanol production
18 Trials show yield, dollar benefits from pulse inoculants
18 Dressed for success
19 Welcome to
22 Blackspot alert
22 Flower power, bacteria style, makes wheat fungus wilt
25 Domestic grain outlook
26 World grain report
27 Explosive environment for grain prices
38 What is PAM's future?
40 Leaky water storages - What are the options?
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
29 Modern Machinery Matters: Know the basics to capitalise on new spray technology
32 Classic Tractor Tales: Two days in March
36 International Research Review: Robotics
43 News & New Products
45 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
I The good oil on sandalwood
II Wanted: Nuffield scholars
III Better Oilseeds: Canola used to control ryegrass
V How to grow 10 tonne wheat crops
VI New wheat breeding partnership
VII Cows come home to friendly grass
VIII Crop doctor - South
Northern Focus
I Consultants' Corner:
Drift reduction and ground sprayers
New air induction nozzles
Commercial view
V In-field harvesting traffic - what impact on crop yield?

Heat on white rust in mustard

VIII How to grow 10 tonne wheat crops

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