January - February 2008: Vol. 17, No. 5

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4 Managing pythium root disease for better crop rotations
7 Know your enemy when combating subsoil constraints
11 Good reputation and relationships for a seat at the farm policy table
13 Wild relatives make a better wheat family
15 GRDC levy remains unchanged
16 Soybean research for a growing industry
18 Taking farming into the future
20 New seed delivery system
22 Control, reliability and savings
24 New air seeder gives greater accuracy, less costs
25 World grain market
26 Where to for wheat marketing?
27 Domestic grain outlook
28 Survey detects super-strong phosphine resistance in flat grain beetles
29 Shades of a cropping Kidman in the 21st century
31 Of droughts and flooding rains…
34 Look to the sky for nitrogen, not its price
38 BOC develop innovative nitrogen supply solution
39 Prescription irrigation will be smarter and interactive
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
32 Modern Machinery Matters: Technical support from field to factory
36 International Research Review: Canada – tips on lifting the value of the Australian grain product
41 Classic Tractor Tales: From Russia – with love?
44 News & New Products
45 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
i Consultants’ Corner – Cercospora leaf spot: Is its bark worse than its faba bean bite?
iv Vegetable beetle may cause problems in canola
vi Canola shows grazing potential in high rainfall areas
vii Using crop residues for bioenergy
viii Crop Doctor – South
Northern Focus
i New research on the impact and control of Rutherglen bug in sorghum
iv The cost of midge damage
v Modified sorghum to boost nutrition in Africa
vi Choosing the right guidance system
vi Crop Doctor – North
vii Beyond the pond: A low-cost, low-tech way to manage manure

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