November - December 2007: Vol. 17, No. 4

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4 Wheat quality down from expected forecasts
6 Get your storage management right
10 Reduce marketing risks with on-farm grain storage
11 Farrer, physiology and genetics - Part 2
17 East met West earlier: Ancient wheat tells the tale
18 Laser weed zapper to save millions
19 New varieties and growing demand prompt chickpea rethink
20 Biological control of silverleaf whitefly
22 Crop protection industry gains new insights
24 Radical help to promote plant growth
Marketing and Finance
25 World grain market
26 Domestic grain outlook
27 Grain contracts and dispute resolution - a grain producer's Q&A
29 Assessing EU reforms of its CAP
30 Industrial use of grains
31 New stripe rust strain hits triticale crops
34 Mathematical modelling suggests 'strategic' seradella
35 Record-breaking Agritechnica
Leading edge
38 Rainfall radar coming to a farm near you
Regular Sections
2 Editorial
32 Modern Machinery Matters: Combine storage
36 International Research Review: GM canola
40 Classic Tractor Tales: The Talbot
43 News & New Products
45 District Reports
Focus Sections
Southern Australia Focus
i High and dry but still nice rice
iii Pushing back agricultural frontiers
iv GRDC aims to extend durum's reach
iv Searching for a long term future for canola
v Crop Doctor South - GRDC goes bush
vi Disease resistance heads most wanted list
vi Farmers making drumMUSTER history
vii World wheat supply threatened by new stem rust
Northern Focus
i Using crop residues for bioenergy
iv Rutherglen bugs taint harvested grain
v Averting a long-term disaster
vii World wheat supply threatened by new stem rust

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